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 Hello and Welcome.

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PostSubject: Hello and Welcome.   Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:15 pm

Just a few words from me,
I realy happy to have you here with us. I tried to make this a simple down and dirty guild, one that is serious about TW first. With that being said this guild is also orginized around you, the player. As far as I am concerned this is your game play it and have fun in doing so. The thing I hate most is drama, I will not tolerate it here, if you have issues with members not in this guild then deal with it yourself. If you have issues with a member in this guild, handle it yourself if it cannot be handled the the matter will be brought up to the guild and you are forced with its decesion, PERIOD. Also, as grown or almost grown men and women handle yourself accordingly, if we ( the officers) get involved it will be dragged out into the open, and once again standby for the decesion of the guild, I have no probs chastizing anyone openly.

As I said this is a TW first guild, I am not asking you to like other members, I dont care if you Black List other members, but you will TW beside them, and you will not have them Black Listed for TW. This is gonna be a hell of a guild and one to rivel any guild on the map. The name WAR GODZ was selected due to the reference of always being above and higher than all those we survay. Let all those who apose us be crushed by the strength and wrath of the Godz, all those who fear us cast their prayers to us, CAUSE WE ARE THE PWI WAR GODZ.


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Hello and Welcome.
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