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PostSubject: WAR GODZ RULES   Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:57 pm

Our rules are quite simple n to the point.

Resetting, or ksing WB is not allowed.
Pk Guildies is not allowed---unless both parties are in agreement.
Pk is allowed but if u pk a noob(lvl 60 or less), please return their gears if dropped.
No Drama Period. Handle it yourself. If it doesnt affect TW then officers dont want to hear it.
If an issue cant be resolved the Guild will decide further action.
The Guild as a whole makes all the decisions.
We are a full TW guild. You have to TW. You have to download Ventrillo.
If there are no TW goin on then by all means,
Play your own game-Have Fun.

If you agree to these rules then by all means apply:)
If you dont then have a nice day, this guild is not for you:)

will add more as i get them sorted out Smile
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